Air Freight
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Ocean Transportation of Export Bussiness
Provide our clients one-stop chain services ,including: from China to the major Ports of the World, export booking of inland, all relative inspection and transportation.
Audit various list and approval documents ;booking space ,customs clearance, transact original certificate、insurance & commodity inspection certificate.
Our services include the supply of FCL & LCL , bulk cargo transportation, and the provision of charter business as well as clearance, unpacking, pick up the goods from abroad port of destination.
Issue various bills of lading or cargo carrier certificate.
Signing an agreement with some shipping companies to provide you with a variety of rates and advantage routes(European line, the Red Sea line, the African line, line the United States and Canada, South America Line, etc.)
Designing a reasonable line and providing transport tracking.

Ocean Transportation of Import Bussiness
According to the commission of the customers to carry on FOB-from abroad to the domestic factory (door-to-door service) for the whole process or import all the business of before and after arrival.
Audit all types of lists and documents before the import cargoes arriving in Hong Kong.
Dynamic tracking of ships to find out all the latest information; choose the best transportation and transportation programs.
Transit, declaration, customs, tax, three types of inspections, insurance when the import cargoes arrival in Hong Kong.
Check the quantity of goods, the appearance as well as the records of obtained defect; 
Port transfer, delivery, shipment organization; unloading and transferring in the transshipment point; container down, packing and transfer; the solution of transport loading, binding, strengthening programs, on-site supervisor of loading, unloading for large equipment.