Third-Party Logistics
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Tailor-made latest 3PL solution for international traders, such as order processing, auto replenish, carriage sellection, pick-and-pack, labeling, shipments combination, imp/exp agency service, client planning, new logistics working process implementation, etc. Also provide workable

transportation management solution to improve the efficiency. To beyond the demand of customer, GSIT provide below comprehensive service as:

◆Transportation and Distribution:Multimode transportation (road, air, rail, parcel, etc.),door-to-door service in domestic area and import/export connection available.

◆Warehouse Management:Various warehouses for applying,  tailor-made warehouse set-up, location as per customers’  request. Various stock system available,  managing pallet-wise or randomly un-fixed location managing,  automatically storage and scanning system, bar-code system. Storage space optimization solution; All-method In-And-Out managing system; Also providing whole package IT solution and EDI connection.

◆Spare Parts Logistics:Repair-and-Return service, including storage.

◆Value-Added service:Pick-and-Pack, package materials provider.

◆Consulting:Logistics IT function enlargement such as the managements of purchasing orders, assets, quality guarantee periods, contracts, repair records, cargo tracing, etc.